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Ravi Kael, an abstract expressionist artist located in the USA, showcases a contemporary artistic style that mirrors his personal journey and experiences. Exploring themes of identity, memory, and the human condition, Kael's art embodies a profound connection to the intricacies of life.

Embracing an intuitive and experimental creative process, Kael continuously discovers novel techniques and mediums that effectively convey his artistic vision.


His inspiration derives from the beauty, diverse emotions, and complexity found in the world, as he endeavors to encapsulate its essence within his artworks.


Explore the captivating expressions of Ravi Kael's artistry, a testament to his unique perspective on the ever-evolving human experience.

Ravi Kael | Contemporary Artist


My artistic expression transcends conventional boundaries, navigating the realm of abstract paintings infused with a meticulous dedication to precision.

Each figure on the canvas is a deliberate dance of colors, meticulously layered to create a multidimensional experience. My work transcends the two-dimensional space, inviting viewers into a realm where hues, shades, and shadows coalesce to form a compelling three-dimensional tapestry.

In the pursuit of abstract experience, I employ a palette that goes beyond the ordinary. Colors are not merely pigments but vessels of emotion, carrying the weight of untold stories. Shadows and highlights, carefully orchestrated, breathe life into the canvas, allowing viewers to witness the interplay of light and darkness in a harmonious dance.

My artistic vision challenges perceptions and invites the audience to explore the nuances of abstraction. My art aims to create a dialogue between form and feeling. I seek to evoke a profound emotional response, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in the intricacies of each composition. In the fusion of abstract concepts and meticulous execution, I aspire to create art that transcends the visual, reaching into the realm of sensory experience. The interplay of colors, shades, and shadows serves as a visual language, communicating emotions that resonate on a profound level.



Taksim Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey (2016)


Elhamra Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey (2015)


Elhamra Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey (2014)


Nostos Password Art Week, 

Istanbul, Turkey (2013)




Uniq Istanbul Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey


 GB Art Gallery

Montclair, NJ

440 Gallery

Brooklyn, NYC


 Greenpoint Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


Art Number 23

London, UK


Bickerton Grace Gallery

(Sentiment Collection)

London, UK

Nis Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey

La Vision Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey

Next Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey


Artgalerim Bebek

Istanbul, Turkey

Taksim Art Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey

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