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Acrylic on canvas, 2024

H36" x W36" x D1.5"



"Entwined in Mortal Coil" draws inspiration from the inherent complexity of the human journey, emphasizing the intricate dance between life and death.


The title, reflective of Shakespearean imagery, alludes to the inescapable and cyclical nature of mortality, echoing the timeless exploration of existence found in Shakespeare's literary works, where the phrase "mortal coil" represents the turmoil and struggles of human life.


The inspiration for this painting lies in the contemplation of life's transience. The figures, intricately entwined, symbolize the interconnected threads of existence, inviting viewers to reflect on the transient nature of their mortal coil. "Entwined in Mortal Coil" serves as a visual meditation on mortality, urging observers to navigate the profound complexities of life's journey.


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Entwined in Mortal Coil

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